4 Polish wineries worth visiting in 2024

When planning a trip around Poland in search of unique flavors and landscapes, a visit to local wineries should not be overlooked. Polish wineries, although relatively young on the global market, are quickly gaining recognition thanks to the passion of their owners, the quality of the wines produced and their beautiful locations. Here are five Polish wineries worth visiting in 2024 to taste the spirits produced there.
4 Polish wineries worth visiting in 2024

Winemaking in Poland has a long history, dating back to the Middle Ages, when the first vineyards were established by monasteries and aristocracy. Although Poland's climate is not ideal for viticulture, thanks to the passion and determination of producers, Polish winemaking has been experiencing a dynamic boom for several years.

Since the 1990s, there has been an increase in the number of vineyards and an improvement in the quality of the wines produced, due to the use of modern technologies and the exchange of experience with winemakers from around the world. Today, Poland is proud of its more than 200 wineries, which produce wines appreciated on both the domestic and international markets, making it an interesting point on the map for wine lovers.

Turnau Winery, Baniewice

In Baniewice, located about 50 kilometers south of Szczecin, is the Turnau Winery, where tradition meets modernity. On 37 hectares of vineyard land. Visitors can not only taste unique wines, but also tour the vineyard and learn the secrets of wine production. Turnau offers a wide range of wines, from whites to reds, which are a perfect reflection of the richness of the region. A visit here is a must for any wine lover traveling in Poland.

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Srebrna Góra Winery, Krakow

Located in Krakow at the foot of the Camaldolese monastery, the vineyard is one of the largest in Poland; Srebrna Góra refers to the monastic tradition of wine making, which in these lands dates back to the 10th century. The original character of the local beverages is due to the calcareous-clay soils and the well-sunlit southwestern slopes with an inclination of 15-20 degrees.

The wines are created in historic monastery rooms, where they are matured in modern stainless steel tanks. Silver Mountain primarily uses varietals such as riesling, chardonnay, pinot gris, gewürztraminer, pinot noir, weigelt, regent and seyval blanc. Every year you can also taste young wine here - the so-called St. Martin's wine - associated with the end of the harvest and the holiday of the patron saint of winemakers.

The Srebrna Góra winery can be visited individually or in groups. The price includes a tasting.

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Jadwiga Vineyard, Trzebnickie Hills

Not far from Wroclaw, in the picturesque Trzebnickie Hills, stretches Jadwiga Vineyard, established in 2015. Rondo, regent, cabernet cortis, johanniter, muscaris and solaris varietals are grown on the small 1-hectare acreage. The southeastern slopes have good sunlight and fertile soil.

However, Jadwiga Winery is not only about the taste qualities of the wines produced here, but also about beautiful landscapes - from the post-glacial hills there is a panorama of the Silesian plain with Wroclaw and the highest surrounding hill - the Sleza massif.

The winery offers a tour of the complex with tasting, as well as workshops on tasting or pairing techniques and methods.

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Plochocki Vineyard, Daromin near Sandomierz

In the southeastern part of Poland, in Daromin, located near Sandomierz, the Plochocki Vineyard was established in 2006. It is the oldest professionally run vineyard in the region, which is being built with commitment by the Plochocki couple.

Nearly 20 varietals are cultivated here, among which white varieties, occupying nearly 65%, lead the way: hibernal, seyval blanc, solaris or muscaris. The temperate climate and good sunlight give the vines ideal conditions for growth, and the passion of the owners has resulted in two excellent and highly rated wines on the Vivino portal: Valmus and Inspira Vulcano.

The Plochocki winery not only organizes tours and tastings, but also has guest rooms.

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By visiting these wineries, you not only support local producers, but also have the opportunity to experience Poland's unique wine culture. Our car rental service will ensure a comfortable and hassle-free trip to each of these destinations, allowing you to explore the riches of Polish winemaking on your own terms. Plan your wine adventure today and allow yourself to discover the extraordinary flavors and sights that Polish vineyards have to offer.