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It is a city located in the eastern part of the country, very well connected with other Polish cities. The S17 express-way leads to the city from Warsaw. From Rzeszów and Białystok, there is the road no. 19. There is also an airport in Lublin, which has connections with the Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Great Britain, Croatia and Bulgaria. 

Lublin Castle with the Chapel of the Holy Trinity 

Lublin Castle is a place full of history - Polish and Lublin history. Today, it houses a branch of the National Museum. However, the castle in Lublin remembers the times of the Tsars, the Nazis and the Soviets. It was usually used as a prison then. 

Its history does not end there. In the castle, there is the Holy Trinity Chapel, called the pearl of Lublin. It is a world-class monument, as it is decorated with Byzantine-Ruthenian frescoes from the early 15th century.

The Lublin Castle complex also includes the Castle Tower, called the Donjon. This monument of Romanesque art was erected in the 13th century, so it is the oldest surviving castle building. For 10 years, it has served as an observation deck from which tourists can admire a panorama of Lublin. The Holy Trinity Chapel and the Donjon Tower are the only original parts of the Castle.

Old Town 

Lublin's Old Town has been preserved in exceptionally good condition to this day. As much as 70 percent of its buildings are original. Its entrance is guarded by the Krakowska Gate. The Museum of the City of Lublin is located there. This place also provides an ideal view of the town hall, and at 12:00 every day, you can watch the bugler and listen to the city bugle call.

Walking along the narrow, charming streets, you can find Renaissance decorative elements. If you like the atmosphere of that epoch, you can safely visit Zamość and Kazimierz Dolny, because they are characterised by a similar style. 

The Old Town also offers an unusual attraction, which is the underground. This is a combination of cellars and tenement houses creating a series of corridors underneath the Old Town of Lublin. 

Pro-tip: when in Lublin, don't call the Old Town the Old Town. The locals consider the name as not very dignified and as a sign of the place's importance.

Concrete, metal and glass - the Meeting of Cultures Centre.

This is a very interesting place on the city map, created from concrete, metal and glass. Interestingly, it is a rather modern building, but its history dates back to 1794! It hosts concerts, performances and other cultural events. You can find there the second largest opera stage in Poland. 

On the roof of the building there are viewing terraces with glass corridors. From this place you can also admire the panorama of the city. This is definitely a place for brave people who are not afraid of heights. In addition, in summer you can watch a film in the open-air cinema on the roof.


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