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Rent a car at Warsaw Modlin Airport

Warsaw-Modlin Airport

The Warsaw-Modlin Airport is located approx. 40 km northwest of Warsaw, near the S7 expressway from Warsaw to Gdańsk. This former military airport has been serving civilian traffic for several years, with more than 525,000 passengers using it in the first quarter of 2022. Such a high number of travellers is not only due to Modlin's proximity to Warsaw but also to the fact that Warsaw-Modlin is one of the six Polish bases of Ireland's low-cost carrier, Ryanair. Modlin airport serves destinations throughout Europe - you can fly from here to the Canary Islands, the UK, Greece and even to the non-European country of Jordan. 

Modlin Fortress

The Modlin Fortress is a 19th-century military facility located at the confluence of the Vistula, Narew and Wkra rivers, and is one of the best-preserved complexes of its kind in Poland. 

The first information about the defensive structures at this location dates back to mediaeval times, but it was Napoleon who gave the order to build fortifications here. After 1813. The fortress became Russian property, and nearly 20 years later it was incorporated into the Russian Empire's belt of defensive fortifications. 

Modlin experienced its heyday during the Russian partition of Poland, when it was expanded and modernised many times. After World War I and Poland's restoration of independence, the site lost its military importance. 

Today, the Modlin Fortress is a vast area open to tourists and enthusiasts of Poland's military history.


Poland's capital is, of course, the largest Polish city, which has a great deal to offer on virtually every level. Here you will find the best museums, theatres, art galleries and also numerous monuments dating back several hundred years of the city's existence. Although the city was 85 per cent destroyed during the Second World War (and some parts, such as the ghetto, nearly 100 per cent), Warsaw today is a vibrant metropolis that changes for the better every year. 

And while it's impossible to get to know this city in just one day, if you don't have more time, be sure to head downtown, where you'll see the famous Palace of Culture, take a stroll through Warsaw's faithfully rebuilt Old Town, relax with a coffee on the Vistula Boulevards and spend some time in Lazienki Park.


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