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A romantic break with your other half - our 5 proposals

As one Polish rock band sang, "this winter some day will end" and this applies to the current lockdown, too. And then we will start traveling again. For now, however, we must limit ourselves to dreaming and planning. That is why one should prepare well in advance for the moment when traveling will be possible again - hence today we have 5 suggestions for a romantic trip for two.
A romantic break with your other half - our 5 proposals

It is true that our text is written around February 14, but love is worth celebrating every day, not only on the official Valentine's Day. For this reason, on our list you will find places worth visiting at different times of the year. We also tried to make it diverse, so that everyone could find something for themselves.

The mountains

There are many beautiful places in the Polish mountains, but the most famous ones are sometimes so crowded that traffic jams are formed on the most frequented routes. However, there are places where there are fewer people and more mountains. This is the Bieszczady Mountains, an almost magical land for many of us.

And what can the two of you do in Bieszczady? You will definitely be hiking in the mountains - the beautiful Połonina Caryńska or Tarnica is an absolute must visit. There are also several nature reserves that will appeal to those in love: Sine Wiry with a view of the Wetlina gorge or Zwiezło. An obligatory point is also Halina's Tomb - this grave hides the bodies of two people united by great love, and it is believed that visiting and praying for the dead brings good luck. There is also the Bieszczady Forest Railway - over a hundred-year-old narrow-gauge railway running through picturesque areas. And finally, Starry Sky Park, where you can look at the stars sitting on a deckchair and under a blanket, with a cup of hot tea and a loved one next by your side.

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Photo: Dominik Gawlik, unsplash.com

The lakes

For most of us "lakes" are associated with "Masuria", but we would like to encourage you to visit Warmia, which is equally beautiful and much less chosen by tourists. Warmia is definitely much quieter than Masuria. It is full of charming nooks, old habitats converted into agritourism and modern but cozy hotels with a spa.

It is worth starting your visit to Warmia in the capital of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, i.e. Olsztyn. There are as many as 16 lakes within the city limits, and the most beautiful of them, namely Długie and Ukiel, will be the perfect scenery for a romantic walk, regardless of the season. It is also worth visiting old town pubs, and go for an ice cream to Kroczek (salty caramel is second to none!).

From Olsztyn you can go to Barczewo - this inconspicuous town hides not only a prison famous all over Poland, but also a charming market square, numerous churches, a synagogue currently serving as a gallery and typical Warmian architecture. For those for whom even a small Barczewo seems too big, we recommend the village of Tumiany, situated between two lakes. Although it is tiny, it has quite a good accommodation base, as well as several spa hotels in the immediate vicinity.

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Photo: Gadkowski TM, unsplash.com

The sea

There is no shortage of holiday resorts by the Polish seaside, but most of them also include packs of tourists. And the crowds don't serve the romantic atmosphere, do they?

In the eastern part of our coast, Nowa Karczma (also known as Piaski) is definitely a place for lovers. Situated at the very end of the Vistula Spit, 4 km from the border with the Kaliningrad Oblast, this former fishing village is a refuge of peace and quiet.

People in love will also like Chłapowo - less known than its big brother Władysławowo, it is a small town with a beautiful, wide and sandy beach. It is worth mentioning the charming Chłapowo gorge, which is a landscape nature reserve.

For those who prefer West Pomeranian climates, we recommend Grzybowo. The village is located only 6 km from the popular Kołobrzeg, but it is not as frequented as Mielno or Międzyzdroje. Private accommodation prevails; there are a few shops and fish bars, but no clubs or discos.

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Photo: Marek Piwnicki, unsplash.com

The city

Chełmno is a small town in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian region, with history dating back to the 11th century. Picturesquely situated on the Vistula River, it is called the city of lovers, because its patron is none other than St. Valentine. His relics are kept in the parish church.

Those in love will surely like the medieval atmosphere of the market square with an almost intact urban layout and defensive walls, numerous religious monuments (including as many as six Gothic churches), the Renaissance town hall and walking areas with lovers' benches.

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Photo: Agnieszka M., wikimedia.com

The countryside

Lanckorona is a village in Małopolska on the border of Pogórze Wielickie and Beskid Makowski. It is located about 30 km south of Krakow. It is often called the "city of angels" - the heavens' winged messengers are everywhere.

Lanckorona has good energy and a magical atmosphere. This is partly due to the wooden buildings from the 19th century, the market square (Lanckorona used to have city rights) and many handicraft shops, partly by friendly, open and hospitable residents.

It is the perfect place for a lazy weekend with your loved one.

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Photo: Jakub Hałun, wikimedia.com