Pierogi – the quintessence of polish cuisine
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Pierogi is a dish that is essential for traditional polish cuisine – made of flour (wheat, rye, corn, buckwheat or even rice flour) and eggs based dough wrapped around various fillings with meat, national vegetables and other ingredients. There are dozen ways to make pierogi: with savory filling (for example with meat, cabbage and mushrooms, or Ruthenian dumplings with characteristic filling – potatoes, onion and quark cheese) or with sweet filling (quark cheese and sugar, with fruits like strawberries, blueberries of apples with cinnamon), small pierogi – uszka (with cabbage and mushrooms served on Christmas), moon shaped, triangle shaped or pockets, cooked, baked or fried and served hot or cold. Pierogi differ when it comes to serving them, depending on the region of Poland or the world.

It is customary, that according to Poles and foreigners pierogi is a conventional dish of traditional and modern polish quisine, despite the fact… that the Chinese ate them first! Today in minor and major cities in Poland you can find very popular restaurants, that serve only pierogi in different forms – pierogarnie. Enjoy your pierogi!