Where to go for the winter holidays, if not to the mountains?

The middle of January has arrived, and so the winter break holidays have begun. For most of us, the most obvious destination for a winter vacation is the mountains. White peaks, picturesque landscapes, fresh air and winter outdoor sports seem to be the perfect antidote to winter monotony. However, before we pack our skis, ski suits and head to Zakopane, Bialka or Karpacz, let's consider whether a winter vacation in the mountains is really the best option? In this article we will look at other equally attractive options.
Where to go for the winter holidays, if not to the mountains?

Why you should not go to the mountains for the holidays?

The mountains in winter are often a dream destination for parents and children. In many places in Poland, you can indulge in white madness on skis or a snowboard, go cross-country skiing, go on long hikes among snowy landscapes, and in the evenings enjoy local attractions such as bonfires, sleigh rides and walks. 

However, holidays in the mountains also have their somewhat less pleasant face - a crowd of tourists, high prices for practically everything from lift tickets to food to accommodation, no guarantee of good weather and conditions or, finally, a limited cultural offer for those who have not come to shred the slopes. 

Therefore, when deciding on a winter vacation, you should also consider other options, which we present below.

Trójmiasto and the seaside in winter

The Tri-City is the perfect place for family winter holidays, offering attractions for both children and their parents. On the one hand, it tempts with visions of family walks on almost empty, snow-dusted beaches, on the other it invites to Gdansk's Old Town, Sopot's promenades and pier or finally to modernist Gdynia. 

Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia also have a very interesting cultural offer - numerous modern museums (the World War II Museum, the European Solidarity Center or the Emigration Museum), cinemas and theaters will allow you to spend interesting time with your family. 

It should also be remembered that the Tri-City and its surroundings are also open-air ice rinks, cross-country ski trails and ski slopes in Kashubia ideal for taking the first steps on two or one board. 

Masurian ski resorts

Masuria is primarily associated with lakes, sailing and summer relaxation. Meanwhile, for several years it has also been possible to ski or board there in winter. 

Mount Four Winds, located near Mikolajki, is a popular ski resort in Masuria. The natural hills and varied terrain make it possible to organize ski trails of varying difficulty. Here you will find both beginner trails and more challenging ones for advanced skiers.

In turn, the Goldap Ski resort offers well-prepared downhill trails and numerous winter attractions, such as a snow park for freestyle enthusiasts and cross-country trails for fans of cross-country skiing.

The last on our list, Iznota Ski is an intimate ski resort - one of the most charming in the region, which attracts lovers of quieter winter activities. It is distinguished by gentle slopes and cross-country skiing and hiking trails.

Bialowieza Forest - nature in wintery scenery

Bialowieza Forest is one of the most valuable natural places in Poland, and in winter it becomes an oasis for nature lovers. The local tranquility and proximity to nature will allow you to have a wonderful rest from the daily hustle and bustle of a hectic lifestyle. 

Winter in Bialowieza Forest is usually snowy and frosty - this is one of those regions in Poland where you can enjoy the view of snow-covered trees and fields, admire the frosty flowers on the windows and warm yourself by the fireplace during a snow blizzard. It's the perfect place for leisurely walks and wildlife sightings - majestic bison, ubiquitous foxes or skittish roe deer. 

Finally, it's worth noting that Bialowieza Forest is a protected area, which means that every visit supports the protection of the unique nature. By spending your winter holidays in this region, you are contributing to the preservation of this unique place for future generations.

Magic Roztocze

Last on our list is the Roztocze - a beautiful land located in the Lublin Province, home to the Roztocze National Park. Gentle snow-covered hills, dense forests full of wildlife, traditional wooden houses, local delicacies and hospitable people - you'll find it all in Roztocze. The Roztocze is also famous as a place of great relaxation, which allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax and recuperate in beautiful natural surroundings.

The fact that you can go skiing in the region is also not without significance - such resorts as Batorz, Jacnia and Chelmowa Gora are worth mentioning. Of course, you won't find long and difficult slopes here, but just the right ones to start your skiing adventure. However, cross-country skiing enthusiasts will surely be pleased, as they can enjoy a wide variety of trails.